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Signing Up is as easy as 1, 2, 3

The Collegiate Futbol Academy at Austin Prep

The Clinic runs Mon. Aug 12th - Thurs. August 15th from 8:00am to 12noon for an affordable fixed cost of $265.

Make sure you complete all 3 steps at the bottom of the page to secure your spot.

Step 1: Complete Sign Up Form.


You're on your way ! The first Step is to completely fill out the Sign-Up form below and click "Register" !  Pretty Easy. Remember however, once you do, you are not fully signed up just yet. You then need to proceed to Step 2, which is also fast, simple and straight forward. As always, if you have any questions

please contact us at

Scroll Down.

Step 2: Waiver, Release &

Authorization completed and signed by Parent/Guardian. 

This part is also easy but must be completed and electronically signed by a Parent and/or Legal Guardian. Please click the link in Step 2 below and fill out / sign the required areas.
It is quick and user-friendly :)

Step 3: $265 Payment

Our Clinic is not only designed for Elite-Level soccer development of players of all ages and skill sets, but we also ensure it is an affordable alternative as well. We do so because our primary care is the physical and mental improvement of all participants. We look forward to players getting out of their comfort zones, embracing new challenges while making new friends. Complete the final Step (3) below and we will see you on August 12th. (A third sibling may attend at NO Cost.)

Soccer Cleats

Step 1: Sign-Up

Fill Out all fields below

Thank you

Step 2: Waiver/Release/Authorization signed by Parent

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Step 3. Payment



We accept two (2) forms of payment for the $265 Academy cost. Our preferred payment method is via VENMO to @Collegiate-Futbol-Academy  (Please be aware IF you check/click "to protect your transaction" when processing through Venmo, they will take a fee (1.9%  + 0.10) from your end of the transaction and the CFA will receive less than full payment. This is not a CFA fee and is avoidable. Your choices would be to not check/click that option or send $270.24 via VENMO so we receive your full $265 payment. (Note: Please caption players name when Venmo is sent). Option 2 is via Check made payable directly to Collegiate Futbol Academy and mailed to Collegiate Futbol Academy, 2 Meghan's Way, Lynn, MA 01904. Please send an email to if you are paying via check/US mail. We apologize as we do not accept CCs or ACH payments at this time. Please note: If you have two (2) siblings signed up, a third sibling can attend FREE of CHARGE.

Everything You Need

There are a few details to take care of before being officially registered for the Futbol Academy such as reading, completing and signing the Waiver, Release & Authorization form. This housekeeping item must be completed to be officially registered and can be accessed by the link below.

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Important Note: Prior to attending the Academy in August, Up to Date Immunization Forms

are Required. See Immunization Page. Thank You.

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