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Frequently Asked Questions

The Collegiate Futbol Academy at Austin Prep

Where does the Academy / Clinic take place?

The Aug 12-15, 2024 Futbol Academy will be conducted on the beautiful campus and fields of Austin Preparatory High School, 101 Willow Street, Reading MA.

Am I good enough to participate in this Futbol Academy?

Yes. This Soccer Academy has been created for all ages and skill levels to develop one's mental & physical skills, technical ability and tactical knowledge to prepare players for youth, club, High School and College Soccer.

What if the Academy is cancelled for Covid or other related reasons?

If the Academy is cancelled, all payments will be refunded in their entirety.

What types of restrictions will be in place if Covid-19 is still considered a public health issue?

The Academy will follow all Public Health Guidelines and comply with applicable sport safety recommendations at all times during the program, including mandating masks if still required to do so as of August 12th, 2024.

What is the refund policy after I sign up my daughter?

You will receive a full refund if you cancel within 14 days of signing up. However, All payments after July 1, 2024 are FINAL regardless of your participation in the Academy/Clinic or whether it is within 14 days of sign up. While we sympathize if you are not entitled to a refund, please note there are substantial costs, most based upon headcount, i.e. insurance, permitting, rental, t-shirts, printing, staff, equipment, etc., associated with running the program. The majority of which are paid prior to July 1.  

What is the refund policy if my daughter is unable to attend as a result of an unexpected injury or illness? 

We do not question the validity of your reason for non-attendance or it's unexpected / unanticipated nature. We also sympathize and hope your daughter returns to full health quickly. However, these circumstances do not change our refund policy which is the same as stated in the prior referenced Q & A.

What if there is lightning or other dangerous weather (hurricane, etc.) safety issues during the week of Academy ?

If the weather poses a health or safety risk (i.e. lightning, etc.), there will be no on field activities at that time, up to and until, the fields are safe to return to play. We will attempt to use indoor facilities, but there is no guarantee of their availability. If this occurs on a particular day/portion of a day, it is beyond the control of the Soccer Academy. If anything is cancelled, in whole or in part, these days/times will not be made up or rescheduled and no refunds will be applied as this is an exception to the cancellation policy.

Are parents allowed to attend?

Unfortunately No. The Academy is a time for kids to be kids and players to be players. We want every player to be themselves, make mistakes and express their individuality. We all remember the days of the well-intentioned and watchful eyes of Mom and Dad in the background. We hope all parents respect this request.

Do I need a physical to attend the Academy?

You will need a standard, up to date, Immunization Form, signed by the player's Doctor and will also need to fill out the medical information that is part of the Sign Up Process (Step 2). As long as you consult your family physician, provide the required forms and parents sign the waiver with medical information you are able to participate. If a player is not able to participate because of their inability to provide the required Immunization, etc., forms, that player is not entitled to a refund. 

What if it rains during the week ?

The Academy will NOT be cancelled if it rains. We will open RAIN or SHINE.

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