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Immunization Forms

Player Health is our single TOP Priority at the Collegiate Futbol Academy.

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts and Local Health Departments  require each participant to produce a standard Health Immunization Form signed by your Doctor. This is the same form typically required by

all summer camps and schools to participate or attend. 


Prior to the beginning of the Soccer Academy,

EACH PLAYER is required to email their "up-to-date"

Immunization Form to

Doctor's Desk

NOTE: Please be aware you will be providing this information directly to the
Collegiate Futbol Academy and not Austin Prep High School, which is a separate legal entity. If you are coincidentally an AP student required to submit a similar type form to AP for participation in any activity, including sports, you must do so separately. The CFA is legally prohibited from disclosing this information to any other organization, including Austin Prep. Conversely, if you have submitted similar type forms to Austin Prep for any purpose, the CFA will not seek nor obtain this information from them on your behalf.

Healthy and Happy Soccer Players :)

If a player is not able, for any reason, to provide their required Immunization Form

for the Academy, unfortunately they will not be entitled to a refund.

Please do not wait to request this from your Doctor / Physician. Thank you.

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